QC#8379 - Required property

2005-11-17 12:40:40 AM
Using D7, dbExpress, QC #8379, I have asked about this in the past and see
this request is still just reported. Basic issue is if you open a dataset
and the underlying database table has "Not Null" on a string field, the
dataset bring down the Required property set to True. Due to a bug, this
forces a string field to have a value, an empty string fails with "Field
value required", even though an empty string is not a null. Only workaround
is to set the Required property to False first.
I don't understand why this has not been an issue for a lot of developers.
Having to always change all these Required properties to False seems pretty
annoying. In many places I do not even use a persistent field so I have to
do this in the code.
Any thoughts on why this has not been addressed?