DiamondBack and code indention

2004-09-25 03:01:31 PM
Hi !
Was to Anders Hejlsbergs demo of the upcoming C# 2005 in Copenhagen
yesterday. Well many of the C# IDE features is in Delphi 8 or is announced to
be in DiamondBack. BUT he showed code indention within the IDE, that
could be customized (in fact just like DelForEx) - have DiamondBack
automatic code indention from a click on a menu item or by shortcut
(DelForEx doesn't work with D8+)?
BTW.: He told that Borland was founded in Denmark by 3 guys that was in
competition with PolyPascal. They had a lousy Pascal compiler and wanted
to go into the American software market. So they signed a deal with
PolyPascal on a re branded pascal compiler for the American market. The
folks at PolyPascal looked and looked at the contract and approved it in
the end - in fact they where truly amazed(it was to good to be true). So
the folks at PolyPascal was very surprised to see the Borland add in the
Byte Magazine, where Borland sold Turbo Pascal for only 49.95$,
PolyPascal was about 600$ at the time. The contract had it all,
estimates on sale, royalties ect., but they didn't put the selling price
for their Pascal version - that is life !