ECO users shifting to VS (Was: LINQ to SQL - legacy API?)

2008-06-11 01:46:15 PM
VT Venkatesh writes:
The sad part is that many
Delphi Architect ECO users have already shifted to VS + ECO.If this
trend continues I doubt whether there will a future version of ECO for
I am just evaluating my options for new development with ECO, coming
from Bold, BoldExpress and Delphi 7. I have always been a huge Delphi
fan an feel extremely productive there compared to for example VB(Visual Basic) 6
(which is about as old as Delphi 7).
But I am now almost certain that I will go with VS + ECO and drop
Delphi/RAD Studio.
1. ECO generated code will reside in one huge source file with Delphi.
Not nice. CodeGear/Embarcadero will have to fix this if they want to
keep the ECO users.
2. Price. VS Pro + ECO + ECO modeler for VS is cheaper than RAD Studio
Architect. CodeGear/Embarcadero should not package ECO the way they do.
Why shouldn't I be allowed to use a full-featured ECO with a cheaper
flavor of RAD Studio than Architect?
3. Availability of competent developers. A lot more developers know
VS/C# than RAD Studio/Delphi/Object Pascal. This is an important issue
for a small company such as us - we have to make sure we can expand our
development team.
4. The apparent quality problems of all Delphi versions since D7,
especially regarding the help system. This is a huge problem.
5. A general impression, from forums etc. that VS has been improved a
lot more than Delphi since D7/VS 6.
All and any comments on this are very welcome, from CodeGear too!
Kjell Rilbe
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