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Windows exit prior to program exit

I am using Delphi 1 under Windows 3.11.

On exiting, my program reminds the user if an opened file has
been altered but not saved.

The situation is as follows.

A file has been opened and altered, but my program is currently
minimized on the Windows Desktop.  I try to exit Windows.

Windows displays my program's dialogue box asking the user
whether the altered file should be saved.

The problem is that the dialogue box is not responsive to mouse
or key input.  Further, I can not switch to any other program
nor continue with the Windows exit sequence.

Ideas will be appreciated.

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Re:Windows exit prior to program exit

Mon, 25 Aug 1997, Lonny A. Eachus posted:

>Where in your program are you asking to close the file? Is it in


>Are you showing your dialog box with ShowModal? Please be
>more specific.


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