HELP PLEASE: Containment using implements feature

Hi all
I've spent a whole week trying to debug an error. After running after it and
getting no results I wish that someone gives me a TIP on this approach to
programming. Certainly, Delphi documentation is rather poor related to this
topic, isn't it? I've looked into Inside COM and got no answers, either.
I'm getting access violation errors AFTER destroying objects that implement
interfaces through Delphi containment ("implements" keyword)
I have gone all the way through my code and I cannot  find it, though I'm
certain that no interfaces are pending to release.
Nevertheless, if I recode these classes without using "implements" (i.e.
fordwarding calls to delegated objects) I don't get such access violations.
I'm not able to explain this further more because the code is rather
ununderstable,  big and boring.
Has anyone experienced this behaviour writing code with great amount of
interfaces being delegated through containment?????
Any help will be appreciated.
C. Ballester