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Sharing Component Templates in Delphi4 client/server

We need to share Templates in Work Group.
We have found that Delphi saves the templates in files settled in the
folder $(delphi)bin called Delphi32.nnn, where nnn is:

dct for Component Templates
dmt for Menu Templates
dro for forms templates and projects (Object Repository)
dci for code templates

The Object Repository (Delphi32.dro) can be shared  with the option

But we havent succeed in doing the same with the rest files of

We have detected that if we dont give an Icon to a Component Template,
delphi raises an exception when loading ( Bitmap Image Error, or
something like that)
Furthermore we  find that the Component Templates dont work with every
component selection.

We thank you in advance for every solution you can provide us.

PD: Basically we need to work with Component Templates, so if you know
any choice for this it would be very useful for us.


Re:Sharing Component Templates in Delphi4 client/server

You need to create components, not templates, and put them in one or more
packages if you want to share them.



Bill Todd - TeamB
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