Report Builder BDEDataPipeline

Hi all,

I have two client data sets one called cdsTime and one called cdsStaff, two
datasources, dsTime & dsStaff and two BDEPipelines, bplTime & bplStaff.
The cdsTime is the MasterSource for the cdsStaff.  In the report the
bplTime is the DataPipeLine.  I am sorting the data by StaffID in the
cdsTime and grouping on the same field in the report.  In the group header
I print the Name for the cdsStaff record.  If there is a record in the
cdsTime that does not have a StaffID then none of the Names are printed for
any of the records.  Am I doing something wrong?  Shouldn't just the
invalid record in the cdsTime be the only one without a Name?

Thank you for your help.