Atlanta Delphi Developers Group - Meeting

Atlanta Delphi Developers Group

Greetings!  It's time for our monthly meeting
for March.  Our next meeting is on March 5th, 1996!
at 6:30pm.  We will be meeting at UPS headquarters.

We will be in the auditorium this time!

Directions:  Follow GA 400 North to Exit 5b (Sandy Springs)
Exit merges onto Abernathy Road West.  Turn right onto
Glenlake Parkway (2cd traffic light)  Second Building site
on right.  There are two entrances.  Take the first one.
(Right entrance, when facing building.)  Turn right into
the parking deck.  Walk to the front of the building where
the main entrance is.  The guards will point you to the right

United Parcel Service
55 Glenlake Parkway, NE
Atlanta, GA  30328

If you are interested in taking home some of the
shareware/freeware/source code examples, be sure
to bring a disk.

We are still accumulating resumes/adverti{*word*224}ts for
the developers group.  Just a reminder of this service:
Our Employment Liaison, Patrick Shields, will maintain
a softcopy of resumes/adverti{*word*224}ts for any member of the
group.  This must be one page only and be convertible to
Word for Windows.  It must be already formatted and ready
to go in softcopy.  If someone requests resumes/contractors,
they will be given the entire stack.  This is a service
we are trying to provide to our members.
I should again mention that requests for the list have been
very active.  There are _not_ alot of Delphi contractors

We are also putting out a call for Source Code Examples.
We are looking for people to demo things they have done
AND how they did it. E-Mail me if you are interested.

Spread the word!

For further information contact:

Jerry Robertson
Rann Business Technologies, Inc.