Need help accessing Access with either native or ODBC drivers

I am using Delphi 3.0, BDE 4.5 and Access 97.

I need to connect to an Access database and have 2 problems.

1. Using the Native driver

If I use the BDE administrator and create an alias that references
the native driver (MSACCESS) driver I get the error that apparently
a few people have gotten:  General SQL error, -214722164, Table, Alias ...!
I have read the news groups and the Delphi tech help which says it is
a problem with Access and to uninstall Access then reinstall.  I have
done this and the result was the same.  I have not forgot to change the
DLL32 parameter to IDDA3532.DLL.  I have seen others with this problem
and wondered if reinstalling Access helped them or not.

2.  Using the ODBC driver

I also wanted to try accessing Access thru ODBC.  My problem is that
in order to create an alias I need to identify the ODBC DSN.  I can
use the ODBC administrator to do this but I have to specify a DataBase
for the User DSN.  I can connect fine when I do this and my application
uses the Database file name I have specfied in the DataBase parameter in
the DSN.  I need to be able to change this so I can access any database
file.  Setting the DataBase Name parameter on the alias or/and driver
does nothing - it always uses the DSN filename.  Is there someway to
change the name of this database file realtime?  Is there a way to create
an ODBC DSN realtime then create an alias realtime to reference this?

I hope I have explained myself clearly enough - any help would be

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