HELP - OLE and Delphi 3.0!!!

Ive got a problem when Im creating an OLE-link to an Excel (97)-file
in Delphi 3.0. Im using the command:
- to create a link to my Excel-file.
The Excel-file contains several macros wich starts with Auto_open.

My two problems are: 1. When the command
oleContainer1.createLinkToFile(dlgOpenOLE.Filename,True);  is
executing, it acctually executes my Excel-file through the Auto_open      
procedure. How can I avoid that??? I mean, the only thing I want to do
is to create a link not to execute the file. 2. When my
Excel-application is executed (wich I want to avoid), because  of the
command: oleContainer1.createLinkToFile(dlgOpenOLE.Filename,True);  I
receive an Error message from Delphi:  Project XXX.EXE raised exception
class EOLESysError with message  Not able to bind the source. Process
stopped. Use Step or Run to continue.        Why is that???

  Has anyone got the same problem with OLE-links to Excel-files
containing macros?  Or know what the problem could be?  PLEASE give me
some response on this Newsgroup or send me a mail.

//Thomas Andersson

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