Problem: sending a FAX from a Delphi application

Reinhard Gerhards wrote:

>   Hi there,

> I am new to this list, so please be patient if I ask something discussed
> before.

> My problem is the following: I want to send a report generated within
> Delphi via fax to the receiver of the report. The fax-number is known
> within Delphi. How can I profit from the Microsoft Exchange Fax module,
> (or any other available module, also commercial ones) to do this job
> without the necessity of programming my own fax-delivery system. I dream
> of a procedure (IDE, DDE, DDLm ...) I can feed with the report and with
> the fax number and then the job is done.

> Thanks in advance for any help

> Reinhard

Hi Reinhard,

do you know that there is a documented interface to MS Mail and Exchange?

It resides in MAPI.DLL which is also used by the MS Mail Client Application
itself. The "MAPI SDK" and the "Simple MAPI SDK" with documentation how to
use in C and Visual Basic can be found on the Microsoft Developers Network
CD (for example look at
or the Microsoft sites on WWW and CompuServe. The documentation is easy
to understand also by Delphi programmers.

The easiest way is to administrate the receiver adresses (here: fax numbers)
in MS Mail itself and then use the "Simple MAPI" interface to send a text or
attached files (->reports) to the user. To keep the numbers in Delphi
and to submit it on every print to MS Mail is a little bit more tricky.

I know there are a lot of MAPI components for Delphi available on the
internet and CompuServe. One Minute ago I tried this search on AltaVista: and received interesting links.