ADO Briefcase model reconciliation

I am using ADO under D6 to implement a "briefcase" model of my simple
database. When connected to the network, the server is used as the source of
the data and an option allows you to "go offline" where it uses the
savetofile ability of the ADO Dataset. When the application is started it
checks if an "off line" dataset is available and uses that allowing you to
add, delete and modify records and save the change log along with the data
back to disk. When you are connected to a server, the Change log can be
applied to the server using the updatebatch method of the ADO dataset. All
pretty standard stuff.

Now, insertions, deletions and modifications work when there is only one
"off line" dataset. If I have two (perhaps on two separate machines) I need
to "merge" the two change logs. BDE handles conflicts quite nicely, checking
for conflicts (updateing a row deleted by the other change log, for example)
and generating an OnUpdateError event. The question is....

How do you do this in ADO? I cannot find an OnReconcileError method! Do I
have to go through each record checking its status and  handling them
individually? How do other people handle this.

Many thanks for help and pointers to help or examples