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Pascal Experts Please Help!!!!


A friend of mine wanted me to pass this on. as they don't have newsgroups.

They are having trouble with a school project.

any help with the following?

Introduction To Programming : Assignment 3 : Procedures

Completion of this assignment will contribute to your ability to
2a Specify inputs and outputs using a formal method of structured design
2b Apply a top-down design technique
2c Design simple programs using a formal method of structured design
3a Describe the basic structure of programs written in the chosen language
3b Describe the syntax and semantics of input-output, assignment,
conditional and iterative statements in the chosen language
3c Describe the function and format of procedures
4a write programs involving simple input-output, assignment, selection and
iteration statements
4c Include comments in a program to aid in maintenance

4e Interpret compilation error messages and apply relevant corrective action
4f Interpret run-time error messages and apply relevant corrective action
4h Use housekeeping and programming utilities


You have been offered a job as a junior programmer, working with a company
(ScienceWare) that produces software for those in the Scientific field.  As
part of your role, you have been asked to complete a some tasks which will
demonstrate your abilities as a programmer.

Your tasks are centered around the program itself called CONVERSION.  It is
a simple program allowing the user to choose (out of 3 options) different
'conversion' calculations, in which the user enters the data, and the
converted result is shown on the screen.  Remember that the code layout is
important, as it represents presentation.  All Pascal programs should be
printed off within Word.

Task 1
Using the program design given (See enclosed forms), write the Pascal code
required to create and produce the program code as specified.  You must use
at least four procedures, and possibly a CASE statement.  No GOTO statements
are to be used.
Print out a copy of the program, with your name at the top.

Task 2
In your own words, using- Word, explain each of the following, using your
program from task 1: (You should give two examples for each explanation)
0 Watches
0 Step

 0 Trace *    Breakpoints

 0 Run-Time errors 0 Syntax errors

  Use 'Print screen' (paste into Word) to help your explanations, and prove
that you know how to use
  any debugging tools.

  Task 3
  Fully annotate your program listing with various comments explaining what
each section and variable
  does (Using the ( comment ) brackets) .
  - Do NOT write pages - simply explain a block at a time
  - Print off the new annotated listing of your program

  Marking Criteria

  Task I - Completed with a maximum of 10 errors.
  Task 2 - At least six examples included, with reasonable explanations.
  Task 3 - At least soi-ne basic annotation used in new program listing.

Nat Dip :       I'T'P-Assignment 3      N.Wallace
Verified by : C. Furnival

Shrewsbury College of Arts & Technology
Introduction To Programming              Assignment 3 : Procedures
Task I - Completed with a maximum of 6 errors.
Task 2 - At least eight examples included with good explanations.
Task 3 - Detailed annotation used, explaining most sections clearly.

Task I - Completed with a maximum of 2 errors.
Task 2 - All ten examples included, with detailed explanations.
Task 3 - Detailed annotation used, explaining all sections clearly and in
plain English.

Structure Design for Program 'Conversion'

Level I                                Level 2
Repeat the following                   1. 1)    Display logo (See enclosed
1.2) Wait for user to press enter.
 1) Show logo 1.3) Clear screen.
 (A procedure)
 2) Show menu options 2.1) Display" 1) Meters-> ft /inches"

3) Get usei- choice                     Display "2) lbs        -> kg 9 9
2.3) Display an option of your choice.
Until user enters '4' for exit         2.4)     Display "4) Exit from

3.1) Repeat 3.2 & 3.3 until Valid input. (Number input is >0 AND <5)
3.2) Display "Enter choice :"
3.3) Store input as MENU (integer)
3.4) Using a menu system:

1 = Call procedure Meters
2 = Call procedure Pounds
3 = Call procedure Your choice 4 = Exit from program.

 Procedure Description Procedure Description
 Name: Meters Name: Pounds
 Input: A floating point number Input: A floating point number (Value in
 ( Value in Meters )
 Process Convert into Feet & Process Convert into Kilograms / gramms
 Output Both values with basic Output Both values with basic text.

Note : YOU must decide on a design choice for the third option.

Nat Dip         ITI'l-Assigiiinent 3     N.Wall,,ice
Verified by : C. Furnival


Re:Pascal Experts Please Help!!!!

In article <fmuQ2.11312$04.3798@stones>

"Martin Pitt" <> wrote:
> Hi,

> A friend of mine wanted me to pass this on. as they don't have newsgroups.

You want comp.lang.pascal.homework.

Is someone here actually answering this stuff, encouraging these kids to
post this {*word*99} ? Could you stop it please ?

Another idea: Add these guys to a list. When the resume comes across your
desk in 3 or 4 years, dump into the trash can.

Otherwise you will hire a guy who will steal and take credit for your work.
We have enough of those already !


The year 2000. The stock market hitting 10,000.
These events prove once and for all that we
have ten fingers......

Re:Pascal Experts Please Help!!!!

Martin Pitt [] decided to regale us with

>They are having trouble with a school project.

Please do not ask us to do your homework for you in its entirety. I
assume its for yourself as I doubt that the whole class asked you to
post the assignment.

I suggest you read the thread in comp.lang.pascal.misc entitled "Pascal
novice in need of desperate help" for info on how to go about asking for

[clp removed as defunct and f/u set to clpm only]

Kellemes Karacsonyi Unnepeket (I'm getting in early for y2k)

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