Multiple fields in a new index -> invalid descriptor


when I use Addindex to add an index that consists of more than one field, it
raises an exception 'invalid index descriptor', even when I COPY the example
from the help file.

Addindex DOES work with ONE field name.


        table1.Addindex('Newindex', 'NAME', [])

does work and

        table1.Addindex('Newindex', 'NAME;SIZE', [])

doesn't. (in E.G. ANIMALS.DBF)

If you have a solution for this, please reply to my emailaddress as well.


Oh yeah, when I use the database desktop util, I get the same problem. Very
strange: the delphi help says fields should be separated with a semicolon,
database desktop help says it should be a Plus Sign, but neither works.

(Delphi 1)


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