Activating the 'Find computer' from Delphi

Hi everyone

I'm working on a little program, helping to organize the computers in the
'Network Neighboorhood'. And it does work fine so far. But one of my friends
asked if it was possible to press a key to open the 'Find computer' instead
of using Start -> Find -> Computer. I found that this actually was a good
idea - so why not... So i started to find out how.
I've found out that what i really need is to send some sort of DDE to
explore or to start explore.exe with a parameter. But what item/data/topic
is needed if it's DDE?? or what parameters is needed if it is such one??

BTW: I do know that pressing <CTRL> + <WinKey> + F will bring up the 'Find
computer' som if it is possible to somehow send that keypress to Windows
that could be a working solution to.


 Henrik Boegh