Delphi4 unable to print to Xerox WorkCentre XE80

Hello All,

        Sample programs I have from ReportPrinter Pro, and a printer sample for
Delphi4 do not print on my printer.  Its a networked printer, however it
doesnt work on the computer which has the printer hooked up to LPT1.

        From my experimenting it seems that the Xerox drivers run a program
called ZSpool32 in the background.  Delphi samples will not print on any
printer when this is running.  However, if I switch printers and kill
the ZSpool32 program they will print.

        Has anyone else run into this problem, and found a solution?  Xerox is
pointing thier finger at ReportPrinter Pro, and they point back at
Xerox.  I havn't tried switching drivers yet, but I dont believe thats
an option that will work.

        Please respond by email to:, as I dont check newsgroups

Thanks Much!

Timothy Bogdala
CCS, Inc.