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several BDE on a same machine

Hi community,

I'd would like to know the correct procedure to make work 3 applications
each one using 3 different version of BDE :

BDE 5.01

Notice that I don't know if we must duplicate .cfg files to do this
configuration. But we can only make changes on the last application, because
it is ours . The 2 others applications are not developped by our company, so
we can not modify them...

in a lower mode, 2 BDE config could be possible, if with 3 it is not valid.

Thanks a lot



Re:several BDE on a same machine

Granier Jean-Michel wrote:
> BDE 5.01

you don't want both 5's on the machine.. it's one or the other.. the apps using
5.0 will work with 5.2, and vice versa.. pick one <g>

the old 16 bit IDAPI isn't a problem..


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