Searching on Child Table to find Parent

With a two table Master/Detail databse,

I have no problem setting up the user to search the Master Table
(Company) by any number of indexes in order to find employees  in
the detail Table.

But if the user only has an employee name and wants to know what
company they are associated with, then I am having trouble.  It's a snap
to set up a search on the detail table using a seperate TTable and
DataSource and use a TQuery to identify the Company (Master Table). But
I would like then to reset the current record of the master table to
equal the value of this search.

This is so that the user can identify any (master) compnay record from
any indexed field in the child table, then continue directly navigating
the master table from that point.  My current hokey method requires the
user to memorize the rusult of the child search and re-enter the
appropriate value in the master serch filed to get there.

There's gotta be a better way.  I hope I am askig the equivelent of the
time of day and not asking someone to build a watch for me.


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