unknown bde "ERRORINS.DB" table

Hello ! For the 1st time, I received a strange BDE error, not trapped by my
try..except blocks
       Insufficient disk space.
       File or directory does not exist.
       File: [ApplicationPath]\ERRORINS.DB.
       Table does not exist.
       Table: [ApplicationPath]\ERRORINS
This error occured when "moving" one record from 1 table to another one with
the same structure which is a "history" table.
As far as I understand this ERRORINS.DB is an internal temp table.
I received this error when I had a little more than 200 MB on disk. The
table itself I copied from is not very big(about 1600 records), but its *.mb
file is quiet big (104 MG).
To solve this prolem, I put my data and application on a 2 GB disk.
How come 200 MG are not enough  ? Is there a way to calculate the space an
application might need ?
Thanks in advance, and thumb up for this newsgroup very needed !