Problems using the ActiveForm component to access Data

I'm implementing a database program with ActiveForms and I am having some
problems with it.  And I thought perhaps you, my friend, might have some

1.  EVERY time I use an active form my IE 4.0 locks up explorer.
ie: If I close ie4.0 from my activeform html (or even just alt tab to
another app) I can do work in what ever app is on top but I can't alt tab or
use the start menu or even just click on another app from then on!  Not what
I want my customers to experience!
I saw this once down in Nashville at the Borland International Annual
Conference Is this happening for everyone? is there a fix? is it just
version 4.0 of IE?

2.  Is there a way to access data on the server with activeforms and the
components on them? right now all my database stuff is accessing my HD, do I
just need to specify an URL as the file name?  Is there a more properer way
of doing this?
I'd like to have some data available to my app (ie sql for creating tables
and some object streams) so that the cust will not have to download anything
and my app will create what it needs with out having the stuff hard coded.

If your news app easily allows it please email as well as post, my news
server drops alot of messages.

Thanks for Your Help and Your Time,

Brian C. Layman