Problem focussing TwwDBGrid in Child Form Of MDI App

Tommy Reilly, Kewill-Xetal Systems Limited

I am developing a 16-bit application using Delphi 1.0 and the Infopower
2 16-bit controls.

The application is an MDI application. Each child window of the parent
window contains a TwwDBGrid control. My problem is that when a control
(say a TBitBtn in a button bar) is focused in the parent form, and then
I try to "click" on the grid in the child form, the grid does not seem
to receive focus. Each grid contains a "selected" checkbox column. The
"click" on this column seems to "get" to the TwwDBGrid control but does
not "get" to the individual record that was "clicked" on (i.e. the
previously indicated row receives the "click", whichever row is "clicked"
on in the grid).

If the focus is not on a control of the parent form, the TwwDBGrid
behaviour is fine. I have tried tracing what is happening using
Borlands Winspector message tracing tool but with no success.

I have contacted Infopower's support but they seem to think it is an
inherent Delphi/Windows bug concerning MDI applications in general. They
suggested I posted this article to this site hoping that one of you
Delphi/Infopower gurus could offer some advice.

Can you help me please?

Thanks in advance.


Tommy Reilly