New free TWAIN software

MultiTWAIN is a new freeware library of routines that simplifies the
acquisition of images from  TWAIN-compliant devices.  The thing that
makes MultiTWAIN stand out from other packages  is that, to my
knowledge, it is the *ONLY* freeware library for Delphi that  supports
the acquisition of multiple consecutive images from digital cameras and
scanners  with automatic document feeders.  Previously, Delphi users had
to choose between using free  software that handles only image at a time
versus large, expensive, commercial packages that include this feature
among a host of other routines.

MultiTWAIN comes with full source code and does not required the use of
external DLLs (aside from those required by the TWAIN device
manufacture, or courser).

MultiTWAIN can be downloaded from my web site at:

If you try MultiTWAIN, please send me e-mail and share your impressions!