Install Delphi4 pro on WinNt4

I can't install Delphi4 pro on WinNt4 Workstation with Sp4.
At the end of the installationprocess I get the message:
Can't process the selfregisterd files and then a list of 6 files *.ocx among
them html.ocx, and then the rest of the installation seems to fine, I'am
instruct to reboot witch I do.
Then after a reboot I use tregsvr.exe to register those *.ocx files, but
only get the message : html.ocx not a valid WinNt memoryImage, I have no
clue what it means but I can't use Delphi4.
When I start Delphi the message Vclx40.bpl is not a valid Winnt memoryimage
and Delphi never gets up.
I have full admins. rights when I install.
Btw I installed sp2 and 3 on Delphi and tried to register the *.ocx files
with no luck, the same goes for Vclx40.bpl.
Hope someone have an Idea whats going on.