Help! ...Delphi 1.0/16bit BDE and Win95

I have a project that has been compiled on my NT system.  I have installed
it on another NT system and two WFW3.11 systems;  however, when I tried to
install it to a Win95(B) system I get an 'Unable to Write to Config File'
error as soon as the tables are created in a child form.  I assume the BDE
is not working correctly (i.e. can not access the IDAPI.CFG file.)  All of
the setting in the BDECFG.EXE are correct.  I even reformatted the system
and reloaded a fresh Win95(B) OS.  I still get the error.  Does the BDE
need to be entered into the Win95 registry?  That doesn't seem to make

Thanks for the help...