New Access97 Driver SLOWWWW!!! (BDE 4.51) - Update

I gotta be nuts on this one - it makes no sense at all. An 80+ field table
opening through a TQuery takes 2 1/2 minutes. Opening through a TTable takes
2 seconds!!!

Is everybody's version of the new MSACCESS Driver with 4.51 running quickly
using TQueries?

Try this:
1. in Access with a new database (or any one, for that matter), click New to
start a new table.
2. Select the Table Wizard and OK
3. From the sample tables, successively select ALL THE FIELDS (press the >>
arrow) from each of the first three templates, Mailing List, Contacts and
4. Complete the wizard to create the table.

You end up with a lot of fields.

If your database is not Aliased, do so by setting it up using the MSACCESS
driver in the BDE config.

OK, now from Delphi:
1. start a new project,
2. add a TDatabase and a TQuery.
3. In the TDatabase, assign the Alias to the alias in the BDE and give the
database a name.
4. In the TQuery, set the DatabaseName to the TDatabase and set the SQL
property to
    SELECT * FROM {whatever the table name is you created - probably Mailing
5. In the TQuery, change Active to true.

For me, the table takes a couple of MINUTES to open.

Now, add a TTable to the project, point it to the TDatabase and set the
TableName to the table you created and set Active to true --- voila, opens

Is it just me and my TQuery or is it a problem with the new Access Driver?


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Fred R. Dalgleish
Dalco Consulting