RemoteDataModule with an In process server (DLL) Type Lib registration problem

I created an In process com server (RO.DLL) with few objects (Employee, Item
Than I added to it a RemoteDataModule (RODATA) with some midas providers
(ItemsFile, EmployeeFile ....)
All is working well both on local  and on remote machines.
I saw that i have only one TLB file created for this project (RO.TLB) with
ROData interface within the TLB.

On a remote server configuration i am able to invoke the server from the
client machine only if i
register the server compomnet on the client machine (REGSVR32 RO.DLL) but it
fails when
i register only the TLB (TREGSVR RO.TLB).

When i debug my client in order to drill down into the actual problem i
found the following:
1.    The client is able to invoke all objects on server that are not part
of the RDM (Item, Employee)
2,    Only the RDM invokation fails (ItemFile, EmployeeFile ...)
3.    If i register the DLL itself again all is well
4.    I verified that i am invoking the remote server and not local by
watching DLLHOST on server machine
       loading and unloading.
5.    I noticed that within the RDM there is a "class procedure
UpdateRegistry" method that i suspect
       is doing behind the scens registration.
       If this is true how can i register it manually ?

Is there a way to register the RDM on client machine using the same method
as registerig a TLB instead
of installing server component to client machine ?