Quick Report load and print problems

We are developing an application under Windows 95. We need to load and print
two different files in Quick Report's format (*.qrp) on two different
printers on a network but we can't solve some problems:

1) We used a TQuickRep component (QR mentioned below) placed on a form as the
fragment code below:

  QR->QRPrinter = new TQRPrinter();
  delete FlatQR->QRPrinter;
  QR->QRPrinter = NULL;

In this case I can send the print job where I need, but the printed page is
always blank even if the file is correct. The page is blank even if printed
on the default printer.

QUESTION: How must I use the Load method in order to load the report
correctly in memory ?

2) As an alternate way we used a TQRPHandler class as in the code below:

  TQRPHandler *Rep = new TQRPHandler();
  Rep->Filename = (AnsiString(File));
  delete Rep;

In this case the report is loaded and printed in the right way on the default
printer, but I cannot send the print job where I need because the
PrinterIndex is in a private section of the class.

QUESTION: Is it possible to send the print job on a different printer other
than the default printer ?

OS            : Windows 95 2.0
Printer driver: native windows Epson LX 400
Compiler      : C++ Builder 4.0 with patch #1
AddOn         : QuickReport 3.0.3 for C++ Builder
Hard disk     : 2 Gb
Processor     : AMD K6 350
RAM           : 64 Mb

Thank you to everyone who can help, PAUL

P.S. Sorry if the message is so long.

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