Win98 SE and Delphi4/5 ?

Hi there,

is there a known issue regarding the installation of Delphi 4 or 5 on a

Both times installing Delphi4 or 5 the installation crashes at about 99.9 %.
When I try to only install the Registry it crashes too. With Delphi4 I could
manage to work. But for Delphi5 the installation has forgotten to register
som DLLs (like BORDBK50.DLL). This I could do manually (REGSERV). But now
all the bitmaps that are supposed to show on the gutter on the left side of
editor, just don't appear! The gutter is shown and I can click on it to set
a breakpoint. But the bitmaps (ie blue dots, green arrow, ...) and so on
aren't schown! It's not related to source lines not being used, because even
the green numbers that appear for bookmarks (strg-k-1) aren't shown.

Is this a known behaviour? and is it linked to my installation problems?

thanks for answering,