problems/questions upgrade sql*net


Can someone help me with these questions/problems after upgrading SQL*NET
from version 1 to version 2?

I have an Window application that calls Window API(WinExec) to launch an OCI
program. The OIC program then runs in the background.  After upgrading my
SQL*NET to version 2 using Named Pipes, the control does not return to the
application until the OCI program finish. Why?

In the IDAPI configuration, I changed the Oracle alias server name from
'@P:ORASERVER:ORCL' to '@DEVELOP'.  'DEVELOP' is the service name in  
TNSNAMES.ORA file.  Is this all I need to do?

I do my development work on the server.  I can't get my server to work with
SQL*NEt version 2.  I get GPF if I do 'connect username/password@develop'.
'connect username/password@p:oraserver:orcl' still works.
I have TNSNAMES.ORA file in the network\admin directory.

Please reply to me through E-Mail also.  

Thanks. Bob Y.