Paradox7 ref.integrity, picture & other problems


I'm very new to the Delphi wolds and am trying to develop an
application for about 5 users. It consists of one master table
with about 200 columns and 30 minor tables. I have defines
all the minor tables (Paradox7 DB desktop), but have had problems
defining the master table.

1. I added pictures to certain fields to restrict possible values.
   After entering about 10 pictures, I got the following error

        Constraints too many on table XXX. Reached limit on
        validation checks per table.
   I'm wondering whether I should switch from P7 to IB, if P7 has
   such small limits.
   Does anyonehave a solution?

2. I added 5 integrity references from the master table to minor
   tables. OK. As soon as I added a sixth, DB desktop refused:

        Cannot make this master of another table if it's details
        are not empty.

   The minor table is not empty, but neither were the previous
   references which worked.

3. Other issues:
This project is for a small company, who can't shell out kilo $
for a _real_ SQL server. But at the same time the principal table
is large and I expect about 6000 records per year. Can P7
handle that? I should also note that I expect about 5-10 users of
the system (networked).

Can any of you recommend any free utilities for manipulation P7
tables? I don't want to buy Paradox if possible.

Would you recommend moving to MS-Access & ODBC? Or LIB?

Any help would be appreciated.


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