Distributing 16bit Interbase ODBC drivers

I am having a real problem with the Interbase ODBC and 16-bit Delphi 1.x C/S.

I have a need to distribute a Delphi 1 C/S app which uses Crystal Reports and
connects to other systems through ODBC .  The LIBS manual lists  files needed
for ODBC. *MOST* of those files were distributed on the original Delphi 1 C/S
CD in the RunImage \Windows \System subdir, but are completely absent from the
Delphi 16 install included on the Delphi 2 C/S CD. (I realize that D2 requires
a 32-bit driver that does not yet exist ...  I do NOT care about
this ommission at this point in time.)

QUESTION 1. >> Where can I find the most up-to-date (I'll settle for merely
complete) 16-bit ODBC files for Interbase which I can distribute ?

QUESTION 2. >> It appears "benign" to overwrite ODBC*.* and related files
which were included with Win95 with Win3.x ODBC*.* files included with
pre-Win95 D1 CD. However, ODBCINST.INI is missing from the D1 CD and when I
try an installation, I get an error message "The setup routines for Borland
Interbase ODBC driver could not be found. Please install the driver." When I
try to install the MS ODBC 16-bit drivers, I do not experience any problems in
Win95. I get the same general problem in Win3.x. The LIBS manual
also refers to explainations in the IBODBC.TXT file which is also
missing from BOTH CDs.

QUESTION 3. >> How does one install the driver w/o an ODBC.INF or ODBCJT.INF
file ?

QUESTION 4. >> How does one install Interbase ODBC on a customer's workstation
without potentially nuking other ODBC drivers by overwriting previous ODBC*.*
file installs ?

I realize it is a lot to ask, but help would be greatfully appreciated.