Delphi, Win95, StretchDIBits and BitBlt

To anyone who might have a clue...

I just put together a short Print Screen program in
Delphi that works perfectly under Win 3.1.  I grab
the screen with a BitBlt into a TBitmap and paint
it on the Printer.Canvas with StretchDIBits.  With
Win 3.1, the output is beautiful on my Laserjet 4m+
using the HP/Adobe 2.1.1 postscript driver.

I just shot the program to a friend running what
is supposed to be the "gold" Win 95.  He's using
an Epson Stylus Color printer.  When he tried the
Print Screen, all that came up was skinny border
that I paint around the BitMap on the Printer.Canvas.
The rest was blank.  He then tried to fax it to me
(using one of the pseudo fax/printer drivers) and
all I received was a blank page.

Are BitBlts or StretchDIBits handled particularly
differently under Win 95?  Is there something
about the TPrinter that needs to be handled

Any help would be most appreciated.

Jonathan R. Strong
The Strong Group

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