Distributing Delphi 3 Apps that use comctrl32.dll and OCX's

Hi There.

I'm not sure where to post this message, so I guess here will do.

I've developed quite a large application using D3 thinking that I would
have no trouble distributing the finished application to end users. Boy
was I wrong!

I've used the TTreeView and TImageList, so obviously I've run into
trouble there with the comctrl32.dll issue. However installing ie4 seems
to fix the problem.

I've also used several components including the TTeeChart, TF1Book and
God forgives the THTML component. Now the question is how do I
distribute my application? Adding the various OCX's to InstallShield
doesn't work, and I know about the nmocod.dll register before html.ocx
thang. Also registering the controls by hand doesn't seem to do the job.

What to do?

Please reply by email.

Med Venlig Hilsen / Best Regards
Peter Buch
Danmarks Fiskeriundersogelser / Danish Institute for Fisheries Research