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'Very large Number' problem

I am trying to implement a Diffi-Hellman Key Exchange algorithm. The problem
that i'm having is that it requires rediculous large numbers and i can't
figure out how to use these in Delphi.

First of all, i have a constant 768 bit prime from rfc 2412 (e.g.

P :=

Then i generate a random private number, something  like:

pK :=  210230652384848325517647878360676959278437770489

Ok, i allready have problems trying to assing these numbers to variable, i
can't make it work. Given i _do_ succeed to assign them i have to do the
following operation:

2^pK mod P

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have written a server in a language
called python where these operations are extremely easy. I'd very much like
to write a client for it in Delphi, but with this i can't even come passed
the authorization stage.

many thanks,



Re:'Very large Number' problem


I don't know if this will help with your problem


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