Automation Server not registering correctly...I think??

I've been using Delphi since version 1 but have never actually done com
stuff (go figure), but now I am and it's not working. :-(

I'm creating an automation server that implements IRTDServer, which will
allow my dll to provide real-time data to Excel 2002.  It all looks very
funky and cool in concept but I go thru all the steps to do it, create an
ActiveX Library and then add an Automation Object and get it to implement
the right interface etc...  I then register it with windows, but it does not
appear on any list of automation servers that windows knows about,
particularly in excel.  With excel I can point explicitly at the dll and say
'use this' but it comes back and says that "The file you selected does not
contain a new Automation Server, or you do not have sufficient privileges to
register the Automation Server."  Now I can add MS example (non Delphi as
you would expect) servers fine and excel accepts them but not mine.  So no
problem with the access rights there.

Having run regsvr32.exe to register mine and the MS ones with windows
reveals interesting registry differences.  Mine has a lot less stuff than
theirs.  Namely looking at what's there gives me the impression that mine is
not being recognised as an Automation Server, which would explain the
response from excel.

(Vital Stats :  Delphi 6 (with update 2) running on a fully up to date Win2k

So I'm increadbly confused.  Any suggestions would greatly appreciated!

Thanks heaps in advance,

Nahum Wild
Software Innovator.