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I found an earlier article to TRegistry:
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Date: Tue, 02 Apr 1996 00:05:34 GMT
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>TReginiFile has some significant limitations. It can only use strings as>key values and it only works with the HKEY_CURRENT_USER ro=

ot.>However, The TRegistry procedures and functions are available but>totally undocumented :-( You can change the Root or read/rite =
data other>than strings. Would be nice if Borland documented it!!!One other tidbit before this thread dies...Since I've been all the=
 way down this road before, I'd like to offersome insights into this.The Registry services in TRegistry are the only ones available =
for Win3.1x.  That's right- not a single DWORD or struct in sight for the16-bit version of the services.  This is the reason for the=
 apparentlack of functionality in the TRegistry component.  If you want toaccess the full registry, hence 32-bit stuff, you're going=
 to need toaccess the Win95 32-bit API for it.  That means thunking.My suggestion is to get a copy of the Registry services document=
ationfrom the Borland C++ help files or from the MS Developer network (Orsome equally accurate and available resource) and then fetc=
h off acopy of CALL32NT.ZIP from somewhere and use it to thunk to the Win95API calls needed.  (Sadly, since the work I did is for my=
 currentemployer/customer I can't divulge the source for what I did to thepublic.  NDA and all.  :(Frank EarlEarl Consulting Service=
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