Error loading type library/DLL from ASP when EXE works fine

  I am having a very strange problem. I developed a business library and I
have a test EXE and an ASP page. On the development computer everything
works fine, while when I tried to move on the server, I got the following

Error Type:
Server object, ASP 0177 (0x80029C4A)
Error loading type library/DLL.
/test.asp, line 3

The objects are registered correctly, the exe works just fine and, on the
development computer, I didn't have to change any setting (like security,
etc.) since I am always using the component locally...

I researched on the MSDN and the only thing I got was about security but
this doesn't seem to be my problem...

I am using ADO and ADO is installed on both machines.
I am using Windows 2000 Professional on the developemtn machine and 2000
Server on the server...

ANybody has any clue?