Reminder/info: WWW/FTP Delphi Super Page


  Just in case someone don't know. If you are looking for Delphi code
examples, components, demos or want to share own's ( as a freeware,
shareware or just as a demo ) come to Delphi Super :) Page

All files from my www pages are also available for FTP download

There is also UPLOADING area: ( plase don't upload into root incoming :(( )

 Directory structure resembles www pages organization ( freeware, shareware
demos ...)

  Two good news:  
 1) Most files here are from CIS, but some of them are quite unique uploads
     to SunSITE :)) These means that site really lives !
 2) Files from Delphi Super Page will be ( just started ) SEMI-MIRRORED at
     FTP.XMISSION.COM /pub/users/u/uldata/delphi


PS. After 10th july I'm going to my vacation ( 4 weeks folks ! ) so if you
have sth to upoad do it this week :)
   ***********     SORRY FOR CROSSPOSTING   *************

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Visit my Delphi Super Page: