Problems movin app from Delphi 1.1 to 3??

        I a\have just decide to move an app
from Delphi 1.0/W3.1 to Delphi 3.0/W95.

I have two major problems which are proving difficult
to surmount. Any assistance would be appreciated.

The source compiles OK but with the two following

1: Most of the forms are not visible in the IDE. Whwn I
try to view the form I get a message as follows:

        Error creating form: A Win32 API function failed

and the form remains invisible!

2: Even after the cource is compiled when I try top run
it I get message two messages:

        The <prog.exe> file is
        linked to missing export <dllname.dll>: check_number


        Unable to create process

Anyone know whay these two apparently enexplained errors are
occurring ??



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