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error 85: ';' expected

hello all,

        i have a bit of trouble with delphi 1, it gives me this error, 'error
85: ';' expected' but there is a semi-colon there????

here is the section of the code:

program Testutil;

uses WinCrt,
  MyUtils in 'MYUTILS.PAS';

   Str2 : string;
   tmp: byte;
   i : longint;


the complier flags the semi-colon after 'MYUTILS.PAS' with the error,
i have removing the semi-colon, adding more than one semi-colon, but
it still doesn't seem to work. does anybody have any ideas as to what
maybe wrong, is please let me know.

thanks for any help.


Re:error 85: ';' expected

On Sat, 31 Aug 1996 02:00:43 GMT, (dave) wrote:
>uses WinCrt,
>  SysUtils,
>  MyUtils in 'MYUTILS.PAS';

WinCrt must be last.

Ray Lischner, Author of Secrets of Delphi 2 (Waite Group Press)
Tempest Software, Corvallis, Oregon, USA

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