Datadictionary with Oracle database

I (really!) use the DataDictionary with Delphi 3.0 and have no problems with
desktop-databases and Interbase. (I created fieldclasses, attribute sets

However, with Oracle databases there is a problem. Oracle names the tables
like this: user.tablename (e.g. EDWIN.ARTICLE). When I make a query and try
to do the add-fields, Delphi strips the 'user' part and for every persistend
field the 'origin' property becomes 'article'. Due to this, the table is not
recognized as imported in the datadictionary and the attribute-sets,
fieldclasses en controlclasses are not used at all!
I tried different users when importing the database or using it in the
editor, nothing seems to work.

Has anyone succesfully used the datadictionary with Oracle databases?

Any help appreciated!

Edwin van der Elst
Finalist software

PS. Sorry I crossposted, but this is both a Database and a DataDictionary