windows messages, remote applications?

Kay Gl??el :-)

I want capture a image with a Hauppauge-Win-TV-Card, remoted from my own
application, and save it under a name resulting of parameters in my

My questions:
1. are windows-messages the right way? If not, wich way is the right
2. if I need windows messages, I'll need the Numer of Handle. How can I
get the numer of handle of a application while running?
3. If I have the number of handle, what can I do now? The best way seems
to be sending keystrokes like the macro-recorder from win 3.1. Is this
possible and how?

I have not much expieriences with programming, so I think, a little
example says more than 1000 "lParamLongintvarprocconst", when I writ
that, I get every time an 'undefined' error.

I'm really glad about every little help, I searching a long time, the
problem seems to be simple, it drives me insane ...

Kay Gl??el :-)