DDE program and printing (Help please)


I've created a program that reads a file created by a UNIX accounting
system called FACTS. This file contains information needed to retreive
information from a Windows 3.x program called FILE MAGIC.

My problem is this:

FILE MAGIC's DDE service offers no way to change printers. If you are
using DDE to print, you must use the default Windows 3.x printer.

My question is this:

Does anyone know of a way to change the default printer in Windows

I have been tinkering with the Win.ini file. I have tried changing the
"DEVICE=" line in the "Windows" section. I think this is were Windows
gets its default printer information. When I change that line though,
I get a message when I print saying that it could not create the
"Device context". Am I on the right track.

Is there an API call to change the default printer?

Thanks in advance