Diskfree function in D1

In one of my apps, I used DiskFree function to check available disk space
of two servers.  Before this app is running, I mapped two different drives
to these two servers.  Let's say, H as ServerA and I as ServerB.  

I ran this app on a NT4.0 workstation, I received the correct numbers of
freespace for both servers.  When running the same app on a windows95
machine, I have the correct number for one server and zero for the other.
I tried to use different drive letters and I also tried to switch the order
of checking freespace of servers.  I mean, I checked free space of serverA
first and then ServerB.  Later I changed the code to switch the order,
check serverB first and then serverA.  I still got zero space for one
server and it is always that same server.

Is there any limitation of DiskFree function?  Or this is something between
WindowsNT and Windows95?  Or even something to do with Novell?  I have no
idea but I have to solve this problem.  Any input will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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