D3 + MS SQL 7 timeouts

Rear one, big problem:

I get the whole program with my application timeouts, barriers, performance
losses, etc.....(also)
I have the following environment: Developed under D3, BDE5.01, database
Application runs on a terminal server from Microsoft (approx. 20 user,some
connected by ISDN).
With the development of application to it,that was paid attention mainly
Querys, Views, etc.. were used.
With the data base the largest table has now approx. 250,000 data
records(constantly grows!!!).
On the terminal server only one BDE for all was installed (someone already
times something similar made?)
Terminals and data base servers are two separate machines.
From the servers everything is OK , hardly extent of utilization (big
I am grateful for each tip.

Greetings Wobby