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Delphi: Drag & Drop with TStringGrid

How can I transfer a Column from Excel to StringGrid with Drag & Drop.

Dietmar Hempel


Re:Delphi: Drag & Drop with TStringGrid

I can't give you details, but I think you'll need to do the following

1)  Enable your application to accept things dropped from the desktop.
There are several components on the DSP that should do this for you.  I
suspect you'll have to get something that will do more than files.

2)  Set up a DDE or OLE channel into the Excel application and use an
Excel function call (or VBA?) to get the currently selected row out of

This is very advanced Delphi programming (for me at least).  If you
succeed, you will attain guru status.  (And if anyone else posts code,
I'll copy it for sure!)

Jim Stanley
Jacobs Engineering

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