Question regarding Access Violation

I've got a weird problem (bug?) with Delphi 2.0 running under Windows 95.
When I run a program I've written from inside the Delphi environment (i.e.
I press F9 - Run|Run) I sometimes get an Access Violation dialog box which
halts my program. My code interfaces with OpenGL -- this might be the
source of the problem.

The message is:
access violation at 0xbff349d9: read of address 0x81b4100
66 65 8B 01 66 48 66 83 F8 01 77 21

The weird thing is this. If I run the EXE file directly, I never get the
access violation, even if Delphi 2.0 is open. I have executed the program
this way a few hundred times already without a single access violation.
However, if I run it from inside Delphi I'll get the access violation 25%
of the time.

Any ideas on what's going on? Sounds like it might be another bug in Delphi
2.0? Any help would greatly be appreciated. Please reply via direct email
because I don't read this newsgroup often.

Irving Hofman
Department of Electrical & Computer Systems
Monash University - Australia