MS SQL Server/Delphi 1/SQL Links/Batch Move Problems

We are running Delphi 1 on BDE 2.52 assessing MS SQL server through the
Sysbase SQL Links Driver.

Problem occurs when Batch moving a local Paradox table with 1 record up to
the SQL server with a BatAppend or BatAppendUpdate mode - Get General SQL

This all works fine until the SQL table has a Text field and the Local
Paradox a Memo

Played around with most of the settings - but no luck except when used ODBC
instead which works - just with this you lose performance.

Weird thing is some PC's work and it is 100% when Batch moving and the data
does not yet exist on SQL - BatCopy.

Can anyone Help?


A Tired Delphi 1 Developer