Delphi 1 and Oracle 7.3 image Problem

We are developing an application for image processing using Delphi 1.0 in
Windows for workgroup 3.11and ORACLE7.3 in the backend. When we try to save
an imgae using the application it gives the error
'General SQL error : ORA - 02005 : Implicit [-1] length not valid for this
bind or defined datatype'

Table structure is -  Table1
        Field1              VarCHAR(8) NOT NULL,
        Field2                Var CHAR(2) NOT NULL,
        Field3                VarCHAR(2) NOT NULL,
        Field4                STARTXPOS SMALLINT,
        Field5                STARTYPOS SMALLINT,
        Field6                ENDXPOS SMALLINT,
        Field7                ENDYPOS SMALLINT,
        Field8                 Long Raw
       TIMESTAMP     VarCHAR(24));

Now take a  24 bit bmp file  say test.bmp . Following is the code written on
buttoin click to insert this image

procedure TForm1.Button2Click(Sender: TObject);
    xBlobField : tBlobField;
        Query1.sql.add(' SELECT * FROM TABLE1  WHERE FIELD1  = :f1  ');
        Query1.sql.add(' AND FIELD2   = :f2 AND ');
        Query1.sql.add(' FIELD3  =  :f3 ');
        Query1.RequestLive := True;
        Query1.Params[0].AsString := ' ';
        Query1.Params[1].AsString := ' ';
        Query1.Params[2].AsString := ' ';
        Query1.Open; {Making an empty dataset }
        Query1.Fields[0].AsString := '44444444';
        Query1.Fields[1].AsString := 'Front';
        Query1.Fields[2].AsString := '1' ;
        xBlobField := TBlobField(Query1.FieldByName('FIELD8'));
        xBlobField.LoadFromFile('test.bmp') ;
             {AT this point it  complains ------
                                General SQL error : ORA - 02005 : Implicit
[-1] length not valid for this
                                  bind or defined datatype' }

Same code works in Delphi2.0 with bde 4.0 . But my problem is that i  cannot
switch to delphi2.0.
I am working on a 16-bit application .

If BDE or sql link driver does not support  this operation than please
suggest me some way out.
With this configuration i am able to retrive the stored images from the
oracle databse .