runtime fields (for input by keyboard)

I am working on a database-application, where the one of the most important
features is to make data-input as smooth as possible. I would like to
create a runtime field where the user can enter user-defined shortcuts. The
shortcuts is defined in a lookup-table, with the corresponding "spec-no",
which is "right" value. Both are unique.

A small part of the database looks a bit like this:
Spec-no, Shortcut, Description
spec-no, date, ammount....................

How do I create a runtime-field in the data-table for the Shortcut.

The user should be able to enter a shortcut, but the data stored would be

I have tried to define a new field (lookup) in Delphi, and this allows me
to have the field shown in the grid, but the only way i can enter values in
it, is by selecting them from a drop-down-list. I want to enter values from

Any help is welcome.
Sorry my poor danish-english

Ejnar Dahl Jensen
Oldenborrevej 12
9000 Aalborg, DK